Mediterranean Stones

The shores of the Mediterranean sea have seen grow and disappear many cultures. His fingerprints linger and stone worked by the hand of man has been one of the most common instruments used to define and last longer.

In Menorca, declarated biosphere reservation by Unesco in 1993, and with over 2000 archaeological sites scattered throughout its 700 Km2, only 8 Taulas left standing, unique megalithic monuments in the world, over 3000 years old.

The stone for his houses has come from quarries on the island since the days of the Romans.



1 - Torre Llafuda2 - Trepucò3 - Sa Torreta de Tramontana 4 - Líthica - Menorca5 - Líthica - Menorca6 - Vallbona de les Monges 7- Vallbona de les Monges7 - Santes Creus9 - Vallbona de les Monges


Around 1000, in Catalonia, styles and construction methods in place until then, Visigothic, with Roman base, Mozarabic and Carolingian, were consolidated in a native style, fruit, and also momentum, of the nature and evolution of its people.

We need to go in contact with the stone, feel the spirit of the buildings, to capture the beliefs and motivation that drove these constructions.

All copies are made ​​using digital printing with pigmented inks, Epson UltraChrome K3, heavy weight paper (380-450 g) 100% cotton, acid free.(see details)


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