In Japan there are several terms to describe the tradition of flowers contemplation. Hanami, usually associated with the period when the cherry trees bloom, Umemi, oldest and associated with the contemplation of the plum blossom, .... some authors relate their origins with Utagaki, Shinto ritual held by farmers in spring and autumn and related wiht crops and fertility cult. Others speak of the need to follow the signs of nature to predict the best time to start planting. The truth is that the tradition appears in records of the eighth century.

Traditionally, Hanami is seen as a meditation on life, like flowers is fleeting, but beautiful.

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The Process

The images that make up this collection, are the fruit of some years of photographic approach evolution to the botanical world. The main part are digitally captured images using macro lenses and / or extension rings, without any type of digital manipulation except for ... 

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All copies are made ​​using digital printing with pigmented inks, Epson UltraChrome K3, heavy weight paper (380-450 g) 100% cotton, acid free.(see details)



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