The Process

The images that make up this collection, are the fruit of some years of photographic approach evolution to the botanical world. The main part are digitally captured images (Nikon D300), although originally the first ones were created using 35mm film (Fujichrome Velvia).

All have been captured using macro lenses and / or extension rings, without any type of digital manipulation except the minimum required to make adjustments for contrast and sharpness. The underlying idea is to approach the botanical world exploiting the possibilities offered by technology, delving into the intimacies of the copied elements while not interfering or break their cycle structure.

It is not necessary to "capture the moment" because the botanical world gives us a leisurely approach, respecting the "tempo" and our particular "Hanami" becomes a meditation on the pictures and the process to be developped, using the latest technical advances, to capture the subtlety and expressive richness of shapes, textures and colors that are usually masked by the vision, more superficial, that we get from a higher plane.

Even using the latest technology, it is intended wiht the care for the choice of materials and small format, evoke the spirit of more classical photography. Attention to detail, quality of finish and strength of the images create the complicity sufficient to establish an intimate relationship with the viewer so that the Hanami, contemplation, become here a private and individual experience.




Rose2 Rose3 Rose4 Tulip1 Tulip2 Iris1 Calla1 Iris2 Calla2 Vine1 Nastur1 Calla3 Calla4 Calla5

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